The Whale with Legs

great picture and can be copied

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whale with legs
When I was a junior in high school, I took AP biology. During a lesson about vestigial organs, our teacher explained that whales have vestigial hip bones, indicating that early whales had legs. I immediately doodled a variation of the image above, and then immediately realized that I had doodled the exact same image two years prior in regular biology with the same teacher.

Since then, the whale with legs has made many appearances: on the wall of KDVS’ Studio A, the ceiling of Studio C, museum guestbooks, and dozens of sugar packets in restaurants all over the country.

Now he’s starring in my new animated short, “Land Whale”!

[vimeo w=500&h=331]


This is the sequel to my first animation, “Sky Whale.” The music is by Lullatone from their album Lullatone Melody Design Library. Thanks to Lou Morton for jerry-rigging up a downshooter!

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